FRAMA | Atelier Chair






– Spruce couch frame,  linen fabric, foam cushion/25000 martindale

– Spruce couch frame, 100% wool fabric, foam cushion/50000 martindale


- Frama studio, 2019

- Signature collection



– High-quality spruce from responsibly-managed forests

– Supportive, long-lasting foam pillows with an anti-slip layer

– Custom, handwoven fabrics made of merino wool


Inspired by traditional, box-formed seating silhouettes, the Atelier Chair was created to inspire spatial serenity through the use of simple geometries and warm natural materials. Designed in the tradition of early Danish modernists, the collection aims to inspire conversation as well as moments of personal reflection. Place it in a freestanding context or against a wall, either individually or grouped together.

The upholstery is created with a custom linen fabric or merino wool fabric that is naturally strong and exceptionally soft. The name Éire (Gaelic word for Ireland) pays homage to the Irish wool spinners and weavers who have handcrafted this exclusive collection of handwoven fabrics in their local workshop. Developed in collaboration with Domicileculture.

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