Kinto | Capsule Water Carafe



Diameter 85*H210


Material: Glass(bottle), plastic(ABS, PP, PET lid)

Microwave: Safe for bottle

Dishwasher: Safe


Designed in Japan.


This carafe is created to provide ease of use, as the lid of the carafe opens automatically when the bottle is tipped, allowing you to pour out from any direction. The wide opening of the carafe makes it easy to wash, and the slim design saves space in your refrigerator.

As it is made of heat-resistant glass, odors and stains do not remain and tea can be poured in right after brewing while it is still hot. The Capsule Water Carafe is available in 0.7L and 1L sizes.

Japanese homewares company Kinto have been designing and producing smart, design-driven products since 1972.

Kinto's sensibly designed tableware and serving ware carefully balances usability and aesthetics to provide comfort for everyday use.

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