Kinto | Cast Mug Set



Coffee Mug & Porcelain Saucer

Diameter 85*H65*W105

Diameter 135*H20

Tea Mug & Porcelain Saucer/Stainless Steel Saucer

Diameter 105*H50*W120

Diameter 145*H25

Diameter 130*H10

Espresso Mug & Porcelain Saucer

Diameter 65*H50*W80

Diameter 110*H15


Microwave: Safe for mugs and porcelain saucers

Dishwasher: Safe


Designed in Japan. Manufactured in China.


Kinto's Cast glassware range is characterised by simple design and poised beauty. This wide range has been created with "un-interfering design" in mind so that these glass products are easy to handle and wash. 

The Cast range includes jugs, glasses, bowls, teapots and tea cups, and is the perfect range to add minimalist Japanese design to your home. 

Japanese homewares company Kinto have been designing and producing smart, design-driven products since 1972.  

Kinto's sensibly designed tableware and serving ware carefully balances usability and aesthetics to provide comfort for everyday use.

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