Hikari Life

Kinto | Plump Pot




Diameter 35*H85*W110


Diameter 50*H120*W155


Material: Glass and cork lid

Microwave: Safe for teapot

Dishwasher: Safe for teapot and lid


Designed in Japan. Manufactured in China.


This delightful, hand-crafted pot incorporates heat-resistant glass and cork and will add a warm touch to your table. When serving tea made with a tea bag, the cork lid holds the tea bag string tightly inside, so the teabag will not sink.

The Plump Pot is available in two sizes which can be used for different purposes; use the small size for serving milk during teatime, or the big size for adding vinegar or flavored oil to your dish.

Japanese homewares company Kinto have been designing and producing smart, design-driven products since 1972.

Kinto's sensibly designed tableware and serving ware carefully balances usability and aesthetics to provide comfort for everyday use.

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