Kinto | To Go Tumbler V2




Diameter 86*H95


Diameter 87*H130


Material: Stainless steel, copolyester, silicone

Microwave: N/A

Dishwasher: Safe


Designed in Japan. Manufactured in China.


Keeps hot drinks warm for up to 1 hour; keeps cold drinks cool for up to 5 hours. Designed to fit in cup holders and coffee machines. Dishwasher safe.


Kinto's incredible takeaway coffee cup just got better! Already featuring a wonderfully refined design that feels great to take a sip from and an insulated build that keeps your drink at its perfect temp for longer, the To Go Tumbler V2 improves upon perfection by adding a simple rotating plug that prevents stray drips and spills. It's a small change, but Kinto specialises in the kind of subtle tweaks that makes everything run just a little more smoothly.

With its lightweight stainless steel body and a sleek, powdery finish, you'll never want to put up with a paper cup again once you've tried Kinto's To Go Tumbler.

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