Origami | Wooden Dripper Holder



Diameter 120*H20

Opening Hole Diameter - Upper65 Bottom55


Material: Wood


Made in Japan

Mellow-smooth Wooden Holder for your choice of ORIGAMI Dripper 
Made from Acacia wood, this smooth wooden holder adds some touch of warmth to your ORIGAMI dripper.
You can use this holder for both ORIGAMI Dripper S and ORIGAMI Dripper M. 

Handling tips:
This product uses natural wood, and the appearance and texture of the wood may vary depending on the part and finish of the wood. We appreciate your understanding.

*If you wish to clean after using the item, please wash it gently with a soft sponge. Do not leave it soaked in water or hot water. Do not wash with a scrubbing brush, hard object, cleanser, etc. as it may cause scratches. After the wash, please wipe with a soft dry cloth, dry well before storing. Please also read through the instruction manuals for other information.

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