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Studio M' | Corolle Sun Plate





Material: Porcelain

Microwave: Safe

Dishwasher: Safe

Oven: N/A


Made in Japan.


"Corolle" in French means a floral crown, so "Corolle" series is flower-shaped tableware with elegance and dignify. It features the sharp and delicate form and the sophisticated color scheme. The petal parts turn a bit upright at a certain point, which gives a soft and roundish feeling as if those petals were embracing the arranged food. [21 flower-shaped plate] is great for serving main dishes such as poached fish. [15 flower-shaped plate] is a plate to share and recommended for getting several pieces each for your family members and guests, while [11 flower-shaped bowl] is nice for arranging side dishes as one serving such as vinegared or tossed salad in Japanese style and even dessert. Three color options: [White] features cleanness and matteness with a smooth touch/ [Purple] is grayish, subdued and translucent with several shades of color, which results in its clearer outline/ [Blue] is breathtakingly vivid and can accentuate the table setting. Those three colors will go well with Japanese, western and Asian food.

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