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Studio M' | Crochet Round Plate


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Diameter 152*H17


Diameter 193*H18


Material: Porcelain

Microwave: Safe

Dishwasher: Safe


Made in Japan


"Crochet" Round Plate is meant to give an impression of delicately made crochet lace. It has so much delicacy and warmth, which results from embossing [variation of the size of dots and flowing lines in relief] on porcelain base with many heart shaped holes, which give beautiful shading to the table. Available in three colors, [White][Gray][Green]. Especially, [Green] is deep in hue and made from our special glazing recipe just for this product line. [19 round plate] is perfect for serving cake, while [15 round plate] is great as a bread plate or as a plate to share. Application for more gorgeousness: "plate on plate" or "double saucer" style by using two sized "Crochet" plates in different colors.

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