Studio M'

Studio M' | Early Bird Round Mug



Diameter 97*W97*D97*H81


Material: Porcelain

Microwave: Safe

Dishwasher: Safe

Oven: N/A


Made in Japan.


Welcome a new face to the popular "Early bird" collection with a concept of getting up a little early in the morning to enjoy your time. It is a footed, roundish mug in porcelain with an elegant handle as well as a gracefully undulating lip in this line's unified design. The blue plump swallow detail on the two sides and the bottom is stamped and painted by hand one by one. Enjoy the "one of a kind" charms of individual color variations and deviations in positioning. Start off the "energetic" day by enjoying your coffee, tea, soup and even mini dessert with this adorable swallow-motif mug.

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