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Studio M' | Lien Flower-shaped Plate


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Material: Pottery(Earthenware)

Microwave: Safe

Dishwasher: N/A


Made in Japan



・Depending on colors, the size is slightly different because the firing method is not the same.
・The way color irregularities and baked nuances occur varies from item to item due to the properties of the glaze and firing degrees.
・[Green]: oil-film-like parts or luster may partially appear on the surface of products by reacting to some food elements due to the properties of the glaze, but there is no problem in terms of use, and the repeated use will make them look less conspicuous.


The form of "Lien" plates is based on the traditional Japanese "Mokkou"-shape representing a rounded slice of gourd, which is used for a Japanese family crest. In addition to the regal elegance, our version has undulation and softness in design and colors by using an original mold made of clay, pairing the white pottery with color glazes in white, blue or green. Why don't you incorporate a characteristic shape into your usual dining table? The table, which was mainly filled with round and square dishes, will become much more gorgeous and colorful. Not only for daily use, but also for graceful food presentations to entertain the guests with a Japanese twist. Available in two sizes. [21 flower-shaped plate] is perfect for presenting grilled filleted fish, spring rolls, Tempura and two different types of side dishes.

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