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Studio M' | Madurai Oval Bowl










Material: Porcelain

Microwave: Safe

Dishwasher: Safe

Oven: N/A


The "Madurai" porcelain oval bowls, named after a place in India, have been designed specifically to enjoy spice curry with rice. Based on the ergonomic design, you can comfortably and easily scoop up the rice with a spoon until you are finished. The secret lies in the exquisitely curved oval shaped bowl that merges into the encircling flat and moderately wide edges. Two color options in the glossy and matte glaze texture combined. [White] is a basic and versatile color. [Yellow] is greenish, associated with young leaves and especially goes well with red curry. The well-stackable curry bowl comes in the large, mideum and small sizes. The smallest one is for kids' curry or usable as a salad bowl.

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