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Studio M' | Natsume Dobin Teapot





Material: Pottery, rattan

Dishwasher: Safe

Oven: N/A


Made in Japan.


Named after and inspired by Natsume, meaning jujube fruit in Japanese, focusing on the "round and plump" shape. [10 round tea pot] is characterized by the flat lid and the protruding spout. The small sized teapot looks elegant. The air hole is put on the side of the lid (not on the top) and is hidden inside, which leads to beauty and simplicity in appearance. Available in "glossy" [White] & [Brown]. Made of white coarse earthen clay and applied with a cream or brown color glaze, it has the glazed part and the unglazed part seen around the bottom. The bicolored teapot adds an adorable and earthy touch. Note that the rattan handle is set over the lid in a traditional Japanese way. How about serving Japanese or Chinese tea to the guests with our "Natsume" tea utensils?

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