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Studio M' | Pomponner Plate


1 piece in stock.



Diameter 240*H25


Diameter 199*H22


Diameter 154*H21


Diameter 105*H15


Material: Porcelain

Microwave: Safe

Dishwasher: Safe

Oven: N/A


Made in Japan.


"Pomponner" porcelain plate, named after a French word referring to doll up or titivate oneself, features the antique-inspired decorative rim that looks like a series of petals. The elegant rim decoration is full of craftsmanship such as their elaborate hand-carving of a plaster mold. "Pomponner" plates in three colors will make the table look gorgeous! [White] is a versatile color that matches any styles of meals. [Light blue] looks a bit lovely or cute. [Gray] has several shades of color that make the uneven decoration look very clear. Stack these plates in four different sizes on the table, the total form will look even prettier! Also recommended for party table setting or gift-giving because of its gorgeous decoration and elegant color hues.

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