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Studio.M' | Rakott Krumpli Oven Baking Dish


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W222*D160*H49, 760cc


Material: Porcelain

Microwave: safe

Dishwasher: safe

Oven: safe


Made in Japan


"Rakott krumpli" is a Hungarian oven-baked dish made from potatoes, sour cream, sausages and eggs. The shape is associated with a flower or a scallop shell, and the color hues are sort of elegant. That evokes Southern France to some extent. We hope you will enjoy using it all the year round. The oval bottom enables easily scooping with a spoon. Thanks to the handle-less shape, it is so compact as to fit in a microwave and toaster oven. This oval ovenware and bowl functions to attractively present the standard items for usual meals such as seasonal gratin dishes, oven-baked vegetables and hamburger steak, pasta, salad, etc.

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